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Whooping Cough Returns To Northwoods-Health Dept.

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Pertussis--you might know it as whooping cough-- is starting to show itself which can be expected in the fall and winter months.

An Oneida County Public Health Nurse, Rebecca Lohagen says whooping cough is a bacteria spread from person to person. It usually begins with cold-like symptoms, including a runny nose, maybe a fever, and mild cough. After a couple of weeks it progresses to spells of explosive coughing.

The name comes from the struggle people have to inhale air. Lohagen has some advice to keep pertussis at bay...

"....Whooping Cough is spread by a bacteria that is spread from person to person. Our main recommendation for keeping yourself and your family protected is to get vaccinated. That's the number one way to prevent it. Otherwise, making sure your washing your hands often, covering your cough and making sure you stay home when you are sick..."

She says it is treatable...

"..Whooping Cough is caused by a bacteria that attaches to the lining of your lung. It's easily treated with an anti-biotic as long as you go to your doctor...."

Lohagen says you can get the vaccination from your health provider or the Oneida County Health Department. She says you also can check whether your vaccinations are up to date with your provider.

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