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State Health Leader Says Deadline Approaching For Health Coverage


If you enrolled in Affordable Care Act health insurance for 2019, you can renew, change, or update your plan for 2020 until Sunday, December 15.

Secretary-designee of the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, Andrea Palm, says time is drawing short if you want coverage....

"We are working to raise awareness of the availability of plans all over the state and the availability particularly of local community navigators that can help folks work through the process, get all the way to enrollment in a plan that works for their family...."

Palm says for people who didn't have health insurance, like people with pre-existing conditions, the plans are still available, or if the plan you currently have doesn't meet your needs....

"Without the ACA, folks didn't have access to coverage that was good enough quality to be sure that it would be there when they needed it. That's what we're trying to do now is make sure people know that and they know how to get any help they need to navigate the system so they can pull the trigger and enroll in a plan..."

A key element is a person called a navigator. Palm says these folks are located in communities across the state and are insurance experts. They know how to navigate whatever system is required including Badgercare for low-income people. Palm says you can find a navigator by calling 2-1-1 anywhere in the state, they can connect you to a local navigator. Palm says if you miss the deadline, you may be automatically enrolled for 2020, but that’s not your best option.

More information is at healthcare.gov

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