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Report: Hospitals Impact Local Communities In A Number Of Ways

Wisconsin Hospital Assoc.

A yearly report by the Wisconsin Hospital Association details a large impact local hospitals have on the community.

The Association's Community Benefits Report finds Wisconsin health care contributes nearly $2 billion in community benefits and charity care.

Wisconsin Hospital Association vice-president Brian Potter says they hope to show the value of the hospital concerning community benefits.

He says the hospital hopes to fill in the gaps of need in a community with their services...

"...When you think about a hospital, that's really the safety net. The emergency room is a place where anyone can go and been seen regardless of whether they have insurance or not. From there, the hospital tries to get them into the system and help find them coverage, things like that..."

Potter says community benefits has grown from providing charity care and access to health care to helping the public get healthier. He says the hospitals reflect each community it serves...

"...It's not like it's a 'one-size fits all' thing. Each part of the state has different needs and different challenges. The hospital is one of the key resources in those communities to help improve those situations..."

Regarding community benefits, the report reflects nearly $185 million in charity care, more than $1.2 billion dollars in Medicaid shortfalls, $136 million in subsidized health services, $11 million in nursing home losses.

We have a link to the report here.

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