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Kids may need to talk after school shooting in Texas

WAOW Television

In the wake of Tuesday's shooting in Texas, school shootings are back in the public space.

For kids, it can be a scary, confusing time. That's why doctors and social workers say the best thing parents can do is start a conversation.

"First, really ask your kiddos what they know, see if they have questions," said Dr. Jenny Walczak, Clinical Director of Mental and Behavioral Health at Children's Wisconsin Hospital. "See what information they have about the incident before providing them more information than they need."

The realities of mass shootings can be difficult for anyone to process.

Noreen Salzman, Co-Director of Wausau's Center of Well-Being, recommends keeping all discussions age-appropriate and correcting any misinformation.

"So you're going to share more and have more of a discussion with your teenagers more so than you are going to have with your children in elementary school," Salzman said.

Both Salzman and Walczak said to overexposure and be mindful of how much your children are hearing about the shooting in Uvalde.

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