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Review team being formed in Marathon County will work to reduce suicide deaths


The Marathon County Health Department hopes to reduce suicide deaths by forming a review team.

Public Health Educator Jessa Bokhoven says it's a topic that has been on the medical examiner's mind for more than a year.

“There have been 16 so far this year, and last year in 2021, there were 21 deaths by suicide”, said Bokhoven.

The review team will look at each case to see what could have been done to prevent the death, and when action could have been taken.

Local law enforcement, mental health providers, health care systems and EMS personnel would be among thos invited to participate.

Bokhoven says the goal of the review team is to learn as much as possible about each situation so they can prevent future incidents.

“Recommendations will be shared out. We’re not quite sure how or where we will be sending those out, but they will be sent out to the relevant agencies”, said Bokoven.

Prevention can also start at home or with friends.

She says if you think something is off with someone, say something and be there to provide support.

“You don’t leave them alone, and you don’t promise not to tell anyone. Get them the help they need whether that’s supporting them in talking to a therapist or talking to more family members.”

She says anyone who feels like they are struggling or has had suicidal thoughts should get help immediately.

The easiest and quickest way to be connected to help is through the national suicide prevention hot line, 9-8-8.

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