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Wausau Fire Department adds high tech ladder truck

WAOW Television

Wausau's fire fleet added a new high-tech ladder truck to help protect lives and get to calls quicker.

This comes after the department just added new fighters in a record breaking year for calls.

"We lacked something for the small residential area, especially when you get more into the Wausau historical district with short setbacks on the tight streets. We needed a small maneuverable ladder truck in order to meet the needs there," said Bob Barteck, Fire Chief at the department.

The new ladder engine comes with new bells and whistles the department never had including remote control capabilities for their new ladder, making things easier for them and the public.

"Last month (June), we set a record for most calls in Wausau's history and that looks like it's never going to back down," said Jeremy Kopp, Deputy Fire Chief of the department.

With this year being their busiest year ever, the growing crew is confident that they're prepared for anything.

"We have the tools we need throughout the city strategically placed. You know getting our staffing to the point where we can roll any rig on any scene," said Kopp.

As for the future of the department, they're still looking to hire more fighters to the team, but signs are pointing in the right direction.

"I can only see us getting bigger and bigger to be honest," said Kopp.

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