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Scams may target those looking to make election donations


With Election Day less than a month away, scam artists are targeting people showing support for their favorite candidates through donations.

The Better Business Bureau is now warning Wisconsin voters about the different scams people are using to steal donation money from them. Now, that even includes those scammers posing as the candidates themselves, all in an effort to get your cash.

But the B.B.B. does have tips on how you can protect yourself and make sure your donations are going where you want them to. Lisa Schiller, the director of investigation and media relations at the Wisconsin B.B.B, said "You might receive a poll or a survey or a donation request that appeals to your passion, and that can be from a scammer and really an attempt to steal your personal information."

Schiller also said to do research whenever you are asked for money, and never donate if you are being offered a prize for doing so. If you feel like you are a victim of one of these scams, contact the B.B.B. of Wisconsin at (414) 847-6000.

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