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Staying civil during election season

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The midterm elections are coming soon, and tensions are running high. People are worrying about if their favorite candidate is going to win, and how it will impact Wisconsin and the nation as a whole.

With Thanksgiving coming shortly after these hotly-contested elections, you may be wondering how to keep your cool around family and friends with different views, or if it's even possible at all, but experts say it is.

Dona Warren, a philosophy professor at UWSP said, ""Sometimes you have to take the high road, somebody has to take the high road, and if you agree to take the high road then you know at least one person at the table will be. So what I would try to not do, is get angry back."

But what happens after the election? When your favorite candidate has either won or lost? UW Madison Communications Professor Michael Wagner said, "Democracy requires losers, democracy depends on losers accepting that they've lost so that they can try again in the next election, people on the winning side I think can point to the integrity of the process."

Wagner also said that the candidates themselves should accept the results, saying that it makes it easier for their constituents. He also says that facts can be uncomfortable, but that doesn't make them any less true.

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