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Wolf Hunting Zone 2 Set to Close

Derek Bakken

Just a few days into the wolf hunting season and one zone is already set to close.

Zone 2 includes Oneida, Vilas and Forest Counties.  It’s expected to meet its quota in a matter of hours and will close at noon tomorrow.

As DNR Carnivore Specialist Dave Macfarland explains, the total quota for Zone 2 is just 15 wolves.    

“There’s a lower harvest rate in zones 1, 2 and 5. Those are the areas of the state with primarily forested regions and areas where wolves are causing few problems. And then we have relatively higher harvest rates in zones 3, 4 and 6.”

Those areas are more agricultural. 

Macfarland says Zone 2 is closing more quickly than last year…when the season lasted eight days.  This year it will close after only four days.   

This year’s overall quota is 150 wolves, with separate quotas for each of six zones. 

As of noon Friday, 28 wolves had been harvested.

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