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Turkey, Pheasant and Waterfowl Hunters Restore Habitat


Biologists say habitat preservation is critical to preserving wildlife. The DNR reports turkey, pheasant and waterfowl hunters contributions have led to large increases in habitat preservation.

More than 500,000 acres of land have been restored for both turkey and pheasant hunters each  says DNR ecologist Krista McGinley.....

"....over three-quarters of pheasand and turkey stamp revenues has gone to restoring, maintaining habitat for those species in the state..."

Most of the restored lands are on acres where hunters have public  access. Wild Turkey Stamp funds have been providing opportunities for turkey management in Wisconsin since 1996. Sales of the stamp bring in approximately $750,000 annually.

Since the inception of the Waterfowl Stamp program in 1978, more than $11 million in revenue has been generated supporting wetland habitat projects throughout Wisconsin. Over the next two years, $835,000 will be allocated to 34 waterfowl habitat projects in Wisconsin. Projects  mainly involve wetland restoration, and major maintenance of dikes and dams along waterfowl impoundments.

More information is on the DNR website.

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