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WPS Issues Ice Warning Near Hydro Facilities


You've heard warnings about thin ice on Northwoods bodies of water, and Wisconsin Public Service is hoping people stay away from the running water under the ice at hydroelectric dams.

Leah VanZile from WPS says the temptation to go out on the ice lures people, but right now the ice is too thin...

".....the ice and the water flow are a very bad combination right now. It's very thin. We do put out ropes, barriers and warning signs of thin ice.We do know that recreational enthusiasts, ice fisherman they want to get to that good spot Because of the continual flow of water the ice doesn't build up as it does on a normal lake. With these weather conditions, the warm winter we've had, it's extremely dangerous on river and around our hydro electric facilities...."

VanZile says the best policy for now is to wait until conditions improve. In an unrelated matter, last weekend, a Rhinelander man died after his snowmobile went through very thin ice on Lake Mildred in the town of Newbold.

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