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Go Wild Provides Outdoor Lovers A Type Of One-Stop-Shop


Next month the DNR is launching a website that is a type of 'one stop shop' for the outdoors.

Called "Go Wild", spokesperson Mark Rappe says the website will show what is available to do outdoors, but also to provide an array of services...

"....information about activities sponsored by the DNR, helping people to get outdoors and find the information they need...helping them to acquire the licenses, passes and information about regulations to participate quickly, easily and conveniently...."

The Go Wild system will also be available at more than 1,000 vendors statewide while also offering access through mobile devices. One option is to store customer information online and make it accessible on an optional conservation card, which would eliminate the need to carry the current paper licenses...

"....we have a new product called the conservation card which allows a person to just carry a card with them to display their licenses. Purchasing one of those cards in addition to your licenses gives you the convenience of just keeping a card in your wallet, or your tackle box or in your gun case...."

There will be a transitional time beginning February 16. More information is on the DNR website in the search area,Go Wild.

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