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DNR Sends Out Reminder Of Baiting And Feeding Ban


The DNR says the time for education is ending, and wardens will be issuing fines for baiting and feeding deer in the Northwoods CWD zone.

After discovering Chronic Wasting Disease in two deer in Oneida county, the DNR issued its familiar quarantine in an effort to keep the disease from spreading within the healthy deer population.

The law, which took effect on January 11, only bans baiting and feeding of deer. Feeding birds and small mammals still is allowed provided the feeders are not accessible by deer.

DNR Warden Dave Walz, based in Woodruff, says voluntary compliance is the goal....

"....they can't place apples, corn, salt blocks, mineral blocks to lure in deer to feed deer to hunt over like it used to be...."

Walz says anyone who feeds birds and small mammals may do so under the law...

"....the bird feeding device needs to be within 50 yards of the residence. It can't be back off into the woods back into the 40 acre parcel way back. It also needs to be designed so deer can't access the food..."

Walz says deer are messy eaters and tend to spread food around, potentially spreading disease.

State law requires a feeding and baiting ban within 10 miles of the CWD infected deer, in this case near Three Lakes. Walz says the law provides for a maximum fine of $2,152 and the possible loss of hunting privileges for violators in the three counties.