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Tiffany Asking Baldwin To Join Wolf Delisting Effort

Wikimedia Commons

A Northwoods Senate Republican is again pushing to have states regain control of their wolf populations. And this time, he hopes to convince a leading Democrat to get on board.

Senator Tom Tiffany of Hazelhurst says the federal courts and Congress need to stop what he calls "ping ponging" -- moving Upper Midwest wolves on and off the federal endangered list as was done in recent years.

Now, Tiffany and G-O-P state Representative Adam Jarchow want to enlist U-S Senate Democrat Tammy Baldwin to get behind their cause. Tiffany says other Democrats might follow along if they see Baldwin -- who was just named secretary of the Senate's Democratic Conference -- support a delisting.

It would let the state approve the killing of wolves that damage farm crops and livestock, and it could bring back a hunting season that animal rights supporters strongly oppose.

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