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Three Deer Taken So Far In Special Minocqua Hunt

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MINOCQUA – Hunters have taken three antlerless deer so far in the special archery season that is targeting a growing and bothersome deer herd on the Island of Minocqua..

The DNR is allowing the town to hold the managed hunt for antlerless deer only.

Town Clerk Roben Haggart said her office has issued 12 tags, with another 18 still available of as Monday. Permission is needed to hunt on private land. The managed hunt area is located on the east side of the Island, running from Reuben Town north to Huber Drive. The deer herd population – upwards of 30 animals -- has exploded in recent years, hiding out in a nearby swamp and feeding on cedar and arbor vitae trees, and other landscaping shrubs and flowers at residences. One resident in that area has said the deer are starving in the winter due to lack of food.

Haggart has had no complaints about the managed hunt. There was some concern earlier that a wounded deer may die on someone’s lawn.

Those getting the special permits have to follow all state laws pertaining to hunting deer, including registering the take. Permits are issued only for archery. For more information, contact the clerk’s office, 715-356-5296