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Baiting And Feeding Ban Continues In Oneida, Vilas, Forest Counties

Wikimedia Commons Dolovis

DNR officials are reminding hunters and wildlife observers in Forest, Vilas and Oneida counties that deer baiting and feeding activities continue to be prohibited. A warden says they've been getting complaints.

DNR Conservation Warden David Walz of Woodruff says he understands how area residents may be confused in light of recent rule changes.

"....in Oneida, Vilas and Forest county we still have a baiting and feeding ban in effect. There's some confusion out there with the public on a recent court case this past spring. We're contacting people on complaints and we're hearing there's quite a bit of baiting and feeding going on and what we're hearing is that people are confused....."

15 counties previously affected by baiting and feeding prohibitions have had rules change, but Walz says the baiting and feeding ban continues in Oneida, Vilas and Forest county as before. He says the ban will continue in Vilas and Forest county for another year and in Oneida county for two years.

Walz says he sometimes gets questions about feeders for birds and other small mammals....

"....birds and small mammals people can continue to feed in the back yard. Couple restrictions on that. Needs to be within 50 yards of the residence and also be inaccessible to deer...."

The ban was implemented after deer infected with Chronic Wasting Disease were found on a Three Lakes game farm. Walz says the best idea is to check the county regulations about baiting and feeding of deer.

Information on this topic can be found on the DNR’s website with the keywords "baiting and feeding." More information regarding current baiting and feeding rules in response to CWD detections can be found at keyword "CWD."

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