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More Money Coming For Renewable Energy Projects

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More money is in the pipeline for renewable energy projects in Wisconsin.

The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin has allocated $5.5 million in renewable energy incentives through 2022 in the "Focus On Energy" program.

Renew Wisconsin is a non-profit organization designed to make solar and wind power, biogas, local hydropower and geothermal energy as part of everyday use.

Executive Director Tyler Huebner details how it works...

"...for homeowners, there's a rebate that's 12 percent of the incentive cost if you're installing solar. You would get a bid or bids from solar contractors and Focus on Energy team would help you evaluate those. Once the cost is determined, they would offer a rebate for 12 percent of the cost. For businesses there will be a competitive program so it will be putting a request for proposals together...."

Non-profits also fall into the 'business' category. The budget for Focus on Energy is $100 million a year, money that comes from electric and gas customers at most of the state's utility customers.

Huebner says he suspects this will enable more residents to take part in renewable energy programs which he says reduces utility bills and helps clean up the environment. Huebner says about 2000 homes and about 600 non-profits and businesses will take part in the incentive.

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