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Wisconsin Notes Breathing Space During Clean Air Month


Many visitors come to the Northwoods to breath the clean air. But an air quality expert says not that long ago clean air was not as plentiful.

May is Clean Air Month, held annually to recognize air quality trends in Wisconsin Amanda Jutrvonka with the DNR's Air Management Program says Wisconsin's air quality has improved much since the federal Clean Air Act...

"...Over the past couple of decades, even within the past 15 years we've had pretty significant improvements in air quality across the country but especially in Wisconsin. For example, SO2 or sulfur dioxide concentrations have decreased over 75 percent in the last six years. That's pretty remarkable and a big achievement....".

Jutrvonka says people can do many small things to help keep higher air quality...

"....when you burn you're definitely emitting pollution in the form of particulate matter. For example in the summer time you can open your windows instead of running air conditioning and that's an energy saving technique. When you're out doing lawn work you can use electric equipment to do your lawn work. As you get into fall, you can mulch or compost instead of burning them. It's better for the air...."

According to the most recent Wisconsin Air Quality Trends Report, concentrations of most pollutants regulated under the Clean Air Act have been decreasing over the past decade across the state.

She added that the DNR will continue to work with local, state and federal groups in order to attain all air quality standards. T

he DNR website, dnr.wi.gov, has many resources for reducing air emissions. To learn more about Clean Air Month and about voluntary actions to reduce air emissions, visit the DNR's Do A Little Save a Lot web page.

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