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Officials Want Public Input On State Outdoor Recreation Plan

Wisconsin DNR

Outdoor recreation is a big part of many Northwoods residents lives. The DNR is in the process of planning what many of those activities will look like.

An open house meeting is set for Stevens Point December 19 to get input on the draft Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan. The plan guides public outdoor recreation policy decisions and helps planners  know where to put grant monies.

DNR planner John Pohlman says the plan encompasses many forms of outdoor recreation...

 "The document focuses on the subset of activities that would be considered more nature-based or ocurring in more natural settings. Things like hiking and birdwatching and biking and horseback riding, motorized recreation, snowmobiling, those types of things...."

Pohlman says there are key goals in the plan...

"...Trying to boost participation in outdoor recreation, grow partnerships across all the providers of outdoor recreation. In addition, partnerships with the healthcare community, local businesses, chambers of commerce, those sorts of entities, trying to maximize the value of outdoor recreation to the state..."

Other goals include having high-quality experiences, improve data about visitor experiences and find ways to enhance funding and financial stability.

The open house is Wednesday, December 19 from 4-7:00 p.m. in the Alumni Room of the Dreyfus Center at UW-Stevens Point. You can read the draft plan by going to the DNR website and putting the acronym SCORP in the search box.

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