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No Extra State Regulations On Hunting Tournaments


Animal rights groups have criticized a planned predator hunt set for Townsend in Oconto county January 19.

Promoters are billing it as "Wisconsin's Biggest Coyote Hunting Tournament."

While fishing tournaments in Wisconsin are regulated, special hunting tournaments of this type are not says Todd Schaller, Chief Conservation Warden for the DNR.

He describes the rules regarding these tournaments...

"...Hunting tournaments, coyote, rabbits I think are another one that we occasionally hear or see about, in and of itself, those events are not regulated by the (DNR). There's no permit needed, no special process they need to go through from an agency perspective to hold them. The only legal obligation is that those who are participating in it need to do so in a manner that follows all the appropriate regulations. Licenses, seasons, bag limits, those type of things..."

Schaller says fishing tourneys do have tournament regulations..

"If a club or organization holds a fishing tournament and it meets certain parameters, that's a permitted activity and they would have to file for and receive a permit..."

The National Coalition to End Wildlife Killing Contests is an alliance of national and state organizations working to permanently abolish contests that promote the killing of bobcats, coyotes, foxes, mountain lions, wolves, and other species for cash and prizes.

California and Vermont have abolished these types of hunts.

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