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Nominate A Person Who Is A Leader In Lakes, Rivers Preservation

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If there's a person who has taken a leadership role in preserving Northwoods lakes, there's a chance for you to nominate them for an award.

Oneida County Aquatic Invasive Species Coordinator Stephanie Boismenue explains...

"The Wisconsin Lakes Partnership is nominating people for a stewardship award. That's something I don't think the public is always aware of, but there's a lot of hard-working people on our lakes, rivers and wetlands who are protecting those areas from invasive species and helping keep the water quality in place. Those people are volunteers and work really hard and I think this is a good opportunity for citizens to nominate those people..."

Three groups form the core of the Wisconsin Lakes Partnership: the DNR supplies the technical expertise and regulatory authority; the University of Wisconsin-Extension (UWEX) works with stakeholders and provides supporting educational materials and programs; and local people are the third group, represented by the Wisconsin Association of Lakes.

Nominations are due by January 29. We have alink to the site to get the nomination forms.

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