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Funding Provided To Help Bird Conservation Efforts In Wisconsin

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In the last 50 years, the number of birds in the United States and Canada has declined by nearly 30 percent, a loss of about 3 billion birds. In a collaborative move, the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin, Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative and the DNR have moved to help reverse the trend.

Caitlin Williamson of the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin..

"...This year it's funding several projects totally $60,000 to support projects ranging from conservation of some of our state's most endangered bird species like the Whooping Crane and Piping Plover to funding significant citizen-science efforts so we have better data to inform conservation efforts. As well as funding everything from habitat work and analysis. All sorts of projects that make an impact for Wisconsin's birds..."

Williamson says there are many human-related activities that are causing the decline in bird populations, including habitat loss...

"Out door cats, which are the number one killer of birds as we know. As well as collisions with windows, power lines. Those are two of the major sources, but also everything from pesticides, invasive species and climate change is a huge one as well...."

Since the Bird Protection fund was created in 2009, it has given out more than $1 million toward bird conservation efforts. The Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin is a non-profit agency formed in 1986 as declining budgets severely compromised critical programs at the DNR.

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