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Climate Change 2019 To Be Reviewed During Minocqua Meeting Monday

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A public meeting Monday in Minocqua will highlight the year in climate change and a potential positive development.

David Barnhill is retired Director of Environmental Studies at U.W. Oshkosh and will be hosting the meeting. He says they will be reviewing some of the developments of this year.

Barnhill is chair of Northwoods Climate Action and of Our Wisconsin of the Northwoods. He says they will be taking stock of the changes...

"...This may be the hottest year ever, joining the last five years as being the hottest ever. We've seen heat waves reaching all the way to Greenland. We've seen historic flooding in the central U.S. Some of these things are coming home right now..."

Barnhill says some recent studies by scientists and how more than 11,000 scientists have signed a letter saying we're in a climate emergency. Barnhill says they will review current federal policy favoring fossil fuels. He says for the first time climate change has become a factor in the presidential race.

Barnhill says they will also talk about politics and the Green New Deal which is proposed to change America away fossil fuels...

"...That's been spurred in part by a proposal back in February of a Green New Deal. It seems like everybody thinks they have to respond to that in one way or the other. It's exciting times in terms of politics...."

The meeting is Monday, November 18 beginning at 6:00 p.m. at the Minocqua Public Library. The public is welcome.

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