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National Forest Trails Opening But Caution Urged Due To Downed Trees

Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest-U.S. Forest Service

As counties open their snowmobile trails for this winter season, the trails in the Chequmegon-Nicolet National Forest also are opening.

But officials are putting out a word of caution concerning trails affected by the July storm that damaged a large portion of the area.

The counties, the DNR and the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest are posting signs in the affected area that say 'WHOA'...as forest spokesperson Casey Jardine says, they want people to be aware of what is under the snow, especially in the blow down area...

"...So with the blowdown and a lot of the storms, a lot of trees have fallen. Just be aware the snow has fallen, but it's on top of a lot of trees. We also have a very active timber program this winter. Be aware of what is out there. We also have the WHOA signs that we're putting up..."

Jardine says besides snowmobiling the full array of winter recreation is also opening up in the forest...

"...We also have 20 cross-country ski trails on the forest. They're being groomed and updated on our website. Every Saturday you can check for our cross-country ski report and check with your local ranger station to see which trails are groomed and what the conditions are like...."

Jardine says you do need a daily fee or annual pass to park at the cross-country trailheads. She says you can get the passes at the local Forest Service offices.

She says the forest is also a place for hiking, sledding, snowshoeing and fat tire biking.