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Vilas CDAC Recommends Antlerless Hunt

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The preliminary recommendation by the county deer advisory council (CDAC) for 2020 antlerless deer tags for Vilas County is to keep the same number of tags as last year which is a total of 500 split 350 for private lands and 150 for public lands.

After almost two hours of discussion, the Vilas CDAC voted 3-2 for having antlerless tags available even though the total 2019 gun deer harvest was down compared to 2018. “The gun season was the latest it could be with heavy snow in the middle of the week that kept many hunters, including us, from getting to our hunting areas,” DNR wildlife biologist for Vilas County, Michele Woodford said, favoring an antlerless quota because “if you have only one tag, a buck tag, you shoot the first buck you see.”

Vilas deer advisory committee member expressed some concerns, but felt keeping the same quota would be ok. Member Art Kunde felt there was not enough information on the age structure of the herd, indicating he would like to see in-person registration return while Bill Reynolds viewed too many buck fawns killed with antlerless tags and a need to enforce feeding laws. Both Joe Hovel and Laurel Anderson felt the herd came through winter in good condition and suggested having antlerless tags available would bring second home owners to the North for the season.

Public comments are available from April 16-28 with the council meeting May 5 in Boulder Junction to make a final recommendation to DNR.

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