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What You Should Know About Zika Before Traveling This Summer


  Mosquito season is here and although the zika virus isn’t a threat in the Midwest, health officials say take extra precautions if you find yourself in a high risk zika zone this summer. Oneida County Community Health Specialist Christie Oestreich talks about those safety measures…

“…at this time we are recommending typical precautions towards mosquito bites in general, so wearing long sleeve shirts and pants, staying in air conditioned areas no going outside and preventing that as much as possible. Using some type of mosquito repellent with deet in it. We are also recommending that if you are a pregnant female that you try to avoid traveling to those areas. If you can’t we suggest talking with your doctor to look at precautions you can take to prevent transmission.”

Oestreich says zika virus symptoms are similar to the common cold, rash and joint pain. She says if you’re interested in whether or not the place you’re traveling to has zika, to visit the CDC website. Under “travelers health” the website lists diseases and other illnesses in that area. 

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