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Advocates Against Domestic Violence Speak Out About President Trump's Budget Proposal

Advocates against domestic violence are speaking out about the future of programs after learning about President Trump’s federal budget proposal.

Advocates with the state-wide coalition in Madison, “End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin,” are speaking out against President Trump’s budget that’s slated to make an 18 percent cut to the Department of Health and Human Services’ and a 4 percent cut to the Department of Justice. Both departments support programs that serve victims of domestic violence, low income families and individuals with disabilities funding services like shelters, BadgerCare, nutritional assistance, disability benefits and other economic support programs. Public Policy Coordinator Chase Tarrier says cuts like those are problematic because of the oppressing affect it will have on victims…

“…We really try to approach domestic violence, not just in a vacuum, but as a system of control, a cycle of abuse that it’s often called that victims are subjected to and what it means to be in that sort of abusive situation. There are so many factors that are critically important to victims being able to live free of harm and to empower themselves to make decisions about their future. So, when we talk about things like access to healthcare, food, employment, legal aid, all of things are hugely important to the ability of survivors to live free of abuse. If a victim doesn’t have independent access to healthcare they’re more likely to return to a violent batterer to get healthcare because they need healthcare.”

Tarrier says if the budget goes through, all programs under it will be squeezed under the budget constraints leaving thousands of vulnerable people without supportive services each year. For more information visit “End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin’s” website.

WXPR reached out to Shellie Holmes of Tri-County Council on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. She chose not to comment.  

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