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Closed Trail Creates Hard Feelings

WAOW Television

It's typical for landowners to close their snowmobile trails due to unsafe conditions which is exactly what one woman in our area did and now shes getting pushback.

Stacy Pettit has owned property with a snowmobile trail in Lincoln County for decades.

However, this snowmobiling season, the trail has been closed, forcing snowmobilers to go elsewhere.

"We had a forestry project going on and we wanted to wait until that was completed we had a couple of other criteria to meet before opening the trail and that was all in the works," said Stacy.

Stacy and her husband working to open the trail but stopped by weather, putting up signs for open water. So the gate was shut, and clearly marked.

On Friday morning Stacy received a message about profanity written on cardboard in front of the gates, seemingly by someone frustrated with the closing.

Stacy said, " (the signs) are extremely selfish to take this kind of action and screw it up for everybody else." She went on to say, they were planning on opening the trail at some point, but the vandalism sets things back.

These hurtful words directed towards Stacy, but she said, "honestly it's sticks and stones."

It's not the first time she's had snowmobilers trespass, "we've always had people that have trespassed a lot of times we look the other way as a lot of property owners do," she said.

But on behalf of other landowners, she's stepping forward and speaking up, turning things over to the Lincoln County Sheriff's Department.

The Lincoln County Sheriff's Department wasn't able to release any information at this time as the case is under investigation. 

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