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Realtors Get Concealed Carry Training

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It's a situation no one wants to be in but with the growing number of attacks on real estate professionals it's important to know your options and what to do if you find yourself in trouble.

Saturday's conceal carry training in Mosinee was intended to do just that.

"We're putting ourselves in situations every day that the normal person would not do," said Jacob Mizgalski, IdelKnot Property Group, eXp Realty.

Real estate is one of the most high-risk careers, even in our area. "We're meeting strangers we're being cornered pretty much in open houses sometimes we don't even know who the heck we're meeting half the time," said Mizgalski.

Agents putting themselves in vulnerable positions when trying to sell a house.

"They (clients) come to us and we do have the right to lock the doors but that's not the way most real estate agents work," said Karen Harvey of Harvey Group Re/Max Excel.

Mizgalski says, "we're talking all the time with our teammates, colleagues, friends, family all the time letting each other know where we are what we're doing who we're with as much as we can."

But is that enough to protect yourself?

"I do a lot of foreclosed properties and it just it's just going to give me a sense of security to know I will hopefully never have to encounter anything," said Karen Zebro, Zebro Realty.

However, for agents like Tammy Waraksa of Waraksa Group, Coldwell Banker, she's been in a difficult situation.

"It was a customer that I didn't know it was on a property that had 10 acres it was in the dark at night and I was supposed to meet one person and all of the sudden two people showed up it was two guys and I didn't really feel the safest and the house was really run down and I just thought oh boy here we go this is not a good situation," said Waraksa.

Conceal and carry, now giving realtors a sense of security. Zebro said, "it's something that I always thought about doing and wanted to do and kind of put it off."

Through the training, local agents were able to learn how to protect themselves and their clients, ultimately giving them confidence whenever they need it.

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