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Citizens Police Academy Starts New Session In Rhinelander

WAOW Television

The Rhinelander Police Department held the first class of its Citizens Police AcademyTuesday evening.

The class consists of officers teaching citizens about firearms, defensive and arrest tactics, patrol procedures, drug and criminals investigations and how to identify if someone is operating under the influence.

The students also go on a four hour ride-along with an officer as well as take part in a night of training with the Rhinelander Fire Department.

The hope is that with the academy, citizens will have a better understanding of what type of situations officers have to deal with while on duty.

"One of the requirements we have is you either have to work in Rhinelander or live in Rhinelander and so when these people are able to start to see us as more than just a badge and see that we have a personality that helps," said Kyle Parish who is a detective sergeant with department.

The academy wraps up the last week of April with a graduation ceremony.  

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