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Wisconsin DNR Looking to Survey 130,000 Deer Hunters this Season

Wisconsin DNR

Deer hunters can help participate in the Wisconsin DNR’s largest deer hunter survey ever.

This year the DNR is trying to learn more about what hunters see when they’re out in the woods and how they select the deer to harvest.

“We want to quantify hunter effort and hunter selectivity. We have recognized that hunters are more likely to pass on younger bucks today than they have in past generations. This survey will help us quantify hunter efforts and selectivity and put those harvest metrics into more context,” said DNR Assistant Resource Sociologist Meghan Pluemer.

The DNR is looking to survey more than 130,000 hunters.

Hunters will get an email asking if they’ve hunted in the last three days.

If they haven’t, they’re done with the survey. If they have, they’ll get asked a series of questions.

“The survey goes into more questions about overall participation. Hours spent hunting, location as in county and land type. Then it goes into questions like how many antlerless and antlered deer they saw, how many opportunities they had to harvest those deer and how many deer they ended up harvesting,” said Pluemer.

Hunters participating in the bow season may have already gotten an email, they could still get one.

Hunters participating in the gun season will also be included.

Katie Thoresen is WXPR's News Director/Vice President.
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