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Christmas Trees a Common Cause of Fires During the Holidays

WAOW Television

With the holiday season right around the corner officials are taking the time to address a common cause of fires, your decorations.

Right now, residents nationwide are surrounded by sounds of the holidays like music, cutting down the perfect tree, and decorating their homes. But, while the season and decorations may be beautiful experts urge homeowners to keep safety in mind. Often one of the leading causes of house fires is holiday decorations.

Matt Brockman, Lieutenant for the Wausau Fire Department said, "the first thing I think of when I think about fire safety during the holidays is live christmas trees, it’s just a good idea to not be plugging in extension cords into other extension cords."

The National fire protection association says therese an average of one hundred and sixty home fires nationwide, 44% of those are tree fires.

The fire department also says to make sure you're checking smoke alarms and create an escape plan just in case.