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Marathon County Republican Party Asks For Electors Who Back Donald Trump


Marathon County Republican Party leadership has sent a resolution to several state lawmakers calling for them to select ten electors that will cast ballots for current President Donald Trump when the Electoral College meets in Washington.

Spokesman Kevin Hermeleing says for them, there's too many question marks about votes cast in the most populated counties of the state. 

He says in addition to the resolution the group is also providing support to the Trump legal fight in several states.

“We recently made a donation to the legal defense fund that has been put forth through some of the lawsuits that have been taking place since election day”, said Hermeleing.

Hermeleing says he knows it's uncommon for electors to go against the popular vote but the results of the legal fight in Wisconsin and other states are still pending, which could change things. 

Trump supporters have repeatedly seen court actions over the election dismissed, sometimes with harsh criticism from the judges involved.

The resolution claims that enough questionable ballots exist to make it unclear who won Wisconsin's election, therefore those who represent Marathon County are asked to support electors who will support Trump. The resolution was sent to a handful of Central Wisconsin representatives in Madison including Pat Snyder, John Spiros, and Jerry Pitrowski.

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