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Wisconsin Congressman Reacts to Election Turmoil

Congressman Ron Kind of Wisconsin held a Zoom call shortly after Congress was adjured following protesters breaching the Capitol building during Wednesday's electoral college certification.

“It’s a disappointment when today (Wednesday) should be a day of celebration of the time honored tradition of the peaceful transfer of power that makes our nation exceptional in the eyes of the world.”

Kind says it's especially disappointing considering every other transfer of power he's been a part of has been peaceful and without incident.

“There’s a certain role that’s expected of us elected officials.  We have to be faithful to the constitution, to the rule of law, to due process and not encourage anarchy.”

Kind says the optics of this globally are less than flattering.

“I was on a video Zoom meeting with members of the European Parliament.  All of them were aghast at what they were seeing coming out of America, and the challenge of a valid, transparent, accurate election.”

Kind says the President didn't help his cause.

“Even the President, a day before these demonstrations were supposed to take place, was encouraging this type of activity, claiming it was going to be “wild”.  And this is exactly what we’re seeing.”

Early Thursday morning, Congress acted to confirm the electoral college vote, and Joe Biden’s presidential win. 

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