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Oneida County Seeing Increase in Elderly Deaths


Oneida County is seeing an increase of deaths involving the elderly this winter.

The deaths come from falls both inside and outside the home, as well as from natural causes.

The sheriff's office posted on their Facebook page asking for people to check on their senior neighbors and family members who may live alone.

"We're seeing a lot of people that are going out to their mail boxes to check their mail or to take their garbage out or just simply to take their dog out and their not prepared for the outside elements. They don't have the grippers on the bottom of their shoes they're slipping and falling and their living in remote areas or people aren't checking on them and their potentially laying on the ground for days," said Crystal Schaub, the chief medical examiner for Oneida County.

Schaub also said some people may like being alone, but in the end they will appreciate someone checking on them.

Anyone that would like to request a welfare check can call the Oneida County Sheriff's office at 715-365-5100.

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