• The Forest County Sheriff delivers a press release to quell rumors, 
  • Cyber security is the topic of a Grow North meeting next week,
  • A bird is found with West Nile Virus in southern Wisconsin,
  • Governor Evers urges President Trump to end the trade wars.

Forest County Sheriff John Dennee issued a press release late Monday after unsubstantiated reports had come into that office.

Dennee reported they were called to make a welfare check on an individual. He reported nothing of concern arose from the investigation. 

Dennee says they will continue to look for the individual.

Photo by Warren Lynn. Used with permission. All rights reserved.

Susan Knight of UW-Madison’s Trout Lake Station is enjoying her summer by doing aquatic plant surveys, and she may be coming to your lake soon.

She tells us about it for this month's Field Notes.

The lineup is set for the first annual Northwoods Film Festival! Friday and Saturday at the Lakeland Cinema 6 in Woodruff.

Executive Director of Northwoods Film Festival, Bess Donoghue, says there's several different types of films to see...

Grow North Regional Economic Development Corp.

 Businesses are increasingly targeted by cyber thieves and a meeting coming up is designed to give the latest information to protect your cyber business.

Grow North Regional Economic Development Corporation is hosting the event. Executive Director Brittany Beyer says businesses here can be affected...

River Alliance of Wisconsin

This Saturday you can help with an inventory of aquatic invasive species on Northwoods water bodies.

Volunteers are needed to join the Oneida County Land and Water Conservation Department as they team up with the River Alliance of Wisconsin, DNR and others to search for AIS.

This one-day event is the Statewide AIS Snapshot Day, sponsored by the River Alliance of Wisconsin. Oneida County AIS coordinator Stephanie Boismenue describes what is happening..

WXPR News: Monday, August 12, 2019

Aug 12, 2019

  • Up close look available of one of the largest donations to a land trust in Wisconsin history
  • Relationship between wild rice and sulphates in surface water under study
  • Organizations awarded stipends to raise awareness about e-cigarette use among young people
  • Air National Guard training exercise underway in northern Wisconsin

A vehicle crash early Sunday led to the loss of an establishment in Boulder Junction.

The Vilas County Sheriff's Office reports a vehicle struck a power pole at Gooch's A One, County Highway "M" about 1:30 a.m. The vehicle caught fire. When help arrived,  they found the fire had spread from the car to the nearby structure and the building was on fire as well.

The vehicle's driver was taken into custody and the building is believed to be a total loss.

No injuries were reported.

20 area fire departments responded to the scene. including units from Michigan.

Ken Thomas/Wikimedia Commons

While we are accustomed to birds nesting in spring, we have one bird species here that is just finishing their nesting season.

The American Goldfinch is the subject of this week’s Wildlife Matters.

Bill Graf

A UW-Madison graduate student is researching the relationship between the upper Midwest rice beds and increased sulfate in the surface water.

Wild rice, or “manoomin” to the Native American nations is more than a food crop. It represents their connection to nature and holds profound spiritual significance. The Menominee Tribe’s name literally translates to “wild rice people.” MonicaVolpin

38 different organizations have been awarded stipends to bring awareness about e-cigarette use to young people.

The money is to fund community awareness events, coordination with state policy initiatives, curriculum development and implementation of youth-led action plans to address e-cigarette use and prevention in school.

Marshfield Clinic Health System and Security Health Plan made the awards.

Spokesperson Allie Machtan says they met with various agencies, schools and others to work out a program of awareness...

Northwoods Land Trust

One of the largest donations to a land trust in Wisconsin history took place in the Northwoods last fall, and now you can get an up close view of it.

Last October, the Northwoods Land Trust in Eagle River announced a 4.4 mile stretch of shoreline and more than 400 acres of land were put into land trust by the Yawkee Lumber Company. It's believed to be the largest shoreline donation in state history from a monetary perspective. The shoreline is on Lake Katherine in the Town of Hazelhurst.

Submitted photo

A link to the City of Ironwood release here. 

The City of Ironwood is providing bottled water effective immediately to families with infants 12 months and younger until further notice.

That message from officials after the City of Ironwood and health officials found higher than normal levels of manganese from a well supplying city water.

Vruwink: Letter To Senators Is A "call to action" On Gun Bills

Aug 9, 2019
U.S. Conference of Mayors

WISCONSIN RAPIDS, WI (WSAU) -- Wisconsin Rapids Mayor Zach Vruwink says he joined four other Wisconsin Mayors and over 210 of his peers nationwide in signing a letter encouraging the Senate to take up a special session on gun legislation because there's been no rhyme or reason to this year's rash of mass shootings.

"It's more than a public safety issue, it's a public health issue," Vruwink said on Friday. "The trauma that's associated when a city or community gets affected by this, we all feel. Many of us are asking and hoping and praying that we're not next."