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Less than half of the teens in Oneida county have received a vaccine that could prevent them from getting cancer later.

County health officials report 48 percent of pre-teens and teens are vaccinate against human papillomavirus or HPV. Public health nurse Leslie Schott says the virus could lead to cancers later on...

",,,It is recommended for your pre-teens, your 11 and 12 year olds to get vaccinated from HPV which is human papillomavirus which is known to cause certain cancers later in life...."

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Eight-point-five million dollars worth of work to remake the Prentice school complex is nearly complete.

In 2018, Prentice voters approved the multi-million-dollar referendum.

It allowed the school district to demolish aging and crumbling parts of its building and replace them with new classrooms.

“The community, whoever has been in here so far, has really liked what we’ve done.  We haven’t gone overboard.  We just did what was necessary to improve the district with classrooms,” said Superintendent Randy Bergman.

  • A local wildlife rehabber gets new bruin residents,
  • The Oconto fire victims are identified,
  • January is Blood Donation Month and a need is there,
  • Schools get solar support from MREA.

 A Wisconsin state senator believes people living in at least one PFAS contamination area should get free blood testing for the compounds.

He would also be open to expanding the testing to other areas of concern.

Sen. Dave Hansen (D-Green Bay) wants the state to approve free PFAS blood testing for people living in the Marinette and Peshtigo areas.  Companies have used the area as a testing and training zone for fire-fighting foam, a known source of PFAS.

That family of compounds has been linked to health risks like cancer, thyroid problems, and high cholesterol.

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An animal rehabilitation center north of Rhinelander already has its first babies to take care of for the new year. 

In a Facebook post, Wild Instincts says two bear cubs were admitted January 16.  They were approximately five days old.  The brother and sister weighed just over a pound each. 

In the Facebook post, Wild Instincts says many farmers let their corn dry on the stalk in the field because fields were so wet this year. The mother bear apparently thought a cornfield would be a good denning spot. 

Human Trafficking Program In Wausau

Jan 21, 2020
Wausau Police Facebook

The Wausau Police Department and The Women's Community are educating the public on human trafficking.

The talk is being held on Tuesday at Northcentral Technical College from 6 to 8 p.m. It will feature experts from the community to answer questions and concerns regarding human trafficking in our area.

The event serving as a part of Human Trafficking Awareness month and information will be based on the results of a survey that the police department and The Women's Community sent out in 2019.


A Northwoods group is researching affordable housing in the region.

Grow North Regional Economic Development Corporation Executive Director Brittany Beyer says they're looking at the type of housing that a worker moving to the area could live in...

"...We're finding that we don't have enough rental units. We don't have quality first-time homeowner houses. Since the downturn in 2008 and 2009 construction hasn't returned to the Northwoods that helps our problem. So we're trying to figure out how we can collectively all work together to figure that out...."

Community Blood Center

A call has been made for more blood donors.

January is National Blood Donor Month. It's also a time when there is a steep need for blood.

Community Blood Center spokesperson Rachel Sonnentag says the designation gives them a chance to celebrate all the blood donors and their commitment to supporting patients in need.

WI Ensnared in 2020 Voter-Purge Debate

Jan 21, 2020 ParentRap

MADISON, Wis. - The legal wrangling continues over whether 200,000 Wisconsin voters should be removed from registration rolls - as one political expert says it's reasonable to lump it in with other claims of voter suppression.

An appeals court halted an earlier ruling to purge the registered voters. A conservative group had argued to remove the names of people who didn't respond to mailings sent last fall about changes of address.

WXPR News: Monday, January 20, 2020

Jan 20, 2020

  • Researcher Concerned About Future Of Loon Populations
  • Bills For Task Force On Missing And Murdered Tribal Women Stuck In Committee
  • Senator Wants State To Do Blood Testing For PFAS compounds
  • Woman Killed In Snowmobile Crash Near Hurley

Absentee Voters Could See Two Ballots In The 7th Congressional District

Jan 20, 2020
WAOW Television

2020 will be a busy election year in the Badger State and things could be different for absentee voters for the 7th Congressional District.

Voters who request an absentee ballot for the 7th Congressional District before January 27 could potentially receive two ballots: ballot 'A' and ballot 'B'. If an absentee voter makes a request after that date they will only receive ballot 'B'.

The difference: Ballot 'A' only has the 7th congressional race on it. Ballot 'B' has all contests for the 2020 Spring Primary including the 7th Congressional District race.

One Dead In Snowmobile Crash Near Hurley

Jan 20, 2020
Iron County Sheriff Facebook

A woman died after a snowmobile crash near Hurley over the weekend. 

The Iron County Sheriff’s Office says a call came in at 1:52 a.m. Sunday morning that a snowmobile had gone off the trail and the rider was unresponsive.  It happened on Trail 17 just outside of Hurley. 

Life saving measures were begun when emergency responders got to the scene several hundred yards south of Silver Street in Hurley. 

The patient was brought to an ambulance using a rescue sled, and then taken to a hospital in Ironwood.  The woman was later pronounced dead at age 47.

Last October, bills were introduced in the legislature to create a task force on missing and murdered tribal women and girls, to be comprised of a majority of tribal individuals close to the issue.

Democratic State Senator Janet Bewley, and Assembly Democrats Beth Meyers and Amanda Stuck were joined by Republican Representative Jeff Mursau in sponsoring the bills.

A biologist's research on area lakes has questioned the future of loon populations if current trends continue.

Dr. Walter Piper, a professor of biology at Chapman University in California has studied loons on 120 lakes here for more than 25 years. Ken Krall spoke with Dr. Piper about his research....

Dr. Walter Piper speaking with Ken Krall.

Not everyone following loons agrees with Dr. Piper's results. In a Milaukee Journal Sentinel story, other researchers say the loon populations are stable. One researcher said it could be a local issue. Others blamed predators.

  • An incident in Eagle River Friday morning brings police to ask the public to stay away,
  • One person is dead in Wausau after an officer-involved shooting,
  • The annual Woman's March happens in Minocqua Saturday regardless of weather,
  • The snow and ice could cause big problems for people with natural gas meters.