•   A man dies after he fell in a bucket while cleaning up storm damage in Oconto county,
  •   A consumer expert talks about getting your part of the Equifax settlement,
  •   Northwoods joblessness goes up slightly in June,
  •   Vilas county would like to see tennis courts at the fairgrounds located somewhere else. 0TheFool

Northwoods unemployment rates either stayed the same as one year ago or rose slightly.

Those results after the state recently released the June unemployment numbers. State labor economist Mitchell Rupp in Wausau says it's not uncommon to see a small rise in unemployment in June..

Federal Trade Commission

A state consumer advocate says people affected by a large data breach should check out a website to get their settlement.

In September of 2017, Equifax announced a data breach that exposed the personal information of 147 million people. Under a settlement filed last month, more than a half a billion dollars-- including up to $425 million to help affected consumers-- Equifax agreed to help people whose information was exposed in the data breach.

National Park Service

The tennis courts on the Vilas County fairgrounds property need to be rehabilitated but with the present lease to the Eagle River Tennis Association set to expire in two years, the Vilas County Forestry, Land & Redreation Committee strongly suggest they be located elsewhere.

Tennis Association representative Sherry Stecker indicated the life of tennis courts are about 20 years or less in winter areas and the present courts are about 50 years old. “We've looked at five or six options with reconstruction estimated at $200,000,” Stecker said.

Sa magnuson33/Wikimedia Commons

We’re continuing our series on the historical influence of mining in the Upper Peninsula today, specifically in the Ironwood area, with the story of the Ironwood Carnegie Library. (Listen to Part One about how neighborhoods in the Upper Peninsula got their names here.)

There are Carnegie libraries all over the country, including in Merrill and Rhinelander. While Andrew Carnegie did a lot of good for libraries though, he was a controversial figure. geralt

The Boulder Junction Economic Development/Connect Communities Committee is holding two meetings soon to look at options for high-speed internet.

The committee's volunteer chair Dennis Aukstik says a 2017 survey found a long list of potential challenges. He says the number one challenge reported was broadband internet access...

"...We took those answers to heart and have now begun a process to try to identify what our broadband strengths and weaknesses are. What our challenges are in expanding our broadband. We are seeking public input on those questions..."

Wikimedia Commons Royal Broil

A meeting is set for next Monday in Three Lakes inviting the community to plan for a weekend meeting next year to design what the community will look like.

Three Lakes Community Foundation spokesperson John Stauner says the Foundation hosted community conversations beginning in 2015, then held a community forum in 2018 to talk about the future of the community.

He says while those brainstorming sessions were helpful, he says there was a call to put the ideas into solutions... dietcheese

Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin says the shooting tragedies in Texas and Ohio are horrible, but it might prompt President Trump to talk about taking action.

In the Northwoods this week, Democrat Baldwin was asked about the potential of gun legislation.

She said she first wanted to acknowledge the human tragedy, but said it might prompt some action..

Vilas Co. Fair

It's fair time in another Northwoods county as the Vilas County Fair in Eagle River is underway.

It's the 103rd year for the event.

County Fair Board President Dale Ayers says old friends and neighbors meet and it's a good chance for visitors to get acquainted...

"...It's a good time to meet people you haven't seen all year. They always come to the fair and you see them at the fair every year. Everybody is welcome to come to our's going to be a beautiful weekend, not too hot, come to the fair instead of going out to the lake..."

  •   An Illinois man could face extended jail time for drunk driving in the death of a Three Lakes man,
  •   The roundabout being built on Rhinelander's west side will start to move detoured traffic,
  •   Wisconsin Rapids police are asking for charges against a man with something that allegedly looked like a bomb,
  •  Class action lawsuit filed in Wisconsin against Capital One after a data breach.

Library of Congress

We're spending today and tomorrow looking at some aspects of the historical influence of mining in the Upper Peninsula, specifically in the Ironwood area.

Today we'll be answering a listener question. Tomorrow, we'll be remembering Andrew Carnegie and his influence in Ironwood ahead of the 100th anniversary of his death. (Listen to Part Two about the significance of Andrew Carnegie in the Ironwood area here.)

Wisconsin DOT

 The first sense of what the new roundabout on Rhinelander's west side will be about will soon be revealed.

The DOT held an information meeting last night to update the public on the roundabout at U.S. 8 and State Highway 47.

Project manager Dan Erva says the flow of traffic will move away from the current detour arrangement to the roundabout...

USDA Job Corps

The Blackwell Job Corps facility was given a reprieve from closure several weeks ago after the Trump Administration decided not to close the facility. But there's apparently more work to be done to keep it open.

In May, the Trump administration said they would close Blackwell and other facilities under USDA governance and move the program to the Department of Labor. A bipartisan backlash led to a reversal of that decision in June.

Wikimedia Commons Royal Broil

Minocqua-The Minocqua Town Board got mired in a 90-minute discussion on town roads Tuesday, mostly centered on residents’ concerns about potholes, standing water and motorists driving too fast.

Minocqua has nearly 200 miles of town roads to maintain. Most are asphalt but a number are gravel with a few lacking even that cover. Kaz

Three Lakes residents are inviting pet lovers to a fundraiser to help build a community dog park.

Lionel Kliss is on the Three Lakes Dog Park committee. He says the "Pause For A Cause" event is set for August 17 at the Burnside Park Pavilion.

Kliss says they have the permits in place to open the park next year at the end of Epler Court across from the Three Lakes Fire Department.

He says the funds being raised will help erect a fence...