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Bill Kopanda

Northwoods Cafe Host

People, nature, life and music, of all genres and eras, fill me with joy! My goal is to share those passions with our WXPR listeners. I often attempt to communicate through the music and I enjoy the back-stories to some of the music.

I am always open to your thoughts, musical suggestions and comments, which may be either encouraging and/or constructive. Feel free to email me. Here are a few possible topics to consider:

  1. I am drawn to thematic sets of music. I often use those to consider songs that I might not otherwise consider. What are your thoughts about the use of thematic sets on the radio?
  2. Does creating thematic sets make the music a more intellectual experience than a personal one? Or, does it help feed a more personal response?
  3. Are the explanations about the background or histories songs beneficial? Would you prefer more, less or about the same amount of detail?
  4. I am always open to song suggestions. I listen to all suggestions and as they fit, I work them into future shows.
  5. Occasionally, I will play carefully selected edgier songs that are an attempt to expand the listener’s musical horizons. Thoughts, ideas, comments?
  6. Other suggestions or comments? Your Demographics?

All honest responses are correct answers, A Pluses!
Thanks for listening to and supporting WXPR. It truly is a treasure hidden in the Northwoods.