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Antigo works to replace an aging water tower

WAOW Television

Last year, the city of Antigo conducted a study on the city's water tower, and overall water supply. The results caused them to apply for a water funding grant from the Department of Natural Resources, totaling almost $3 million.

Mark Desotell, the city's director of administrative services, talked why it was so important that the tower be replaced. "The project we new was a need. We have two water towers that serve the city of Antigo and the water tower that's currently under consideration for replacement was built in 1930."

The funds will be used to build a bigger water tower and upgrade the city's piping system. While the project is still in the planning stages, Desotell said that they plan to begin construction in the Spring of 2023 and finish in the Fall of 2023.

The city is looking for public feedback before it begins construction and residents will have until October 10 to submit it.

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