3 Lakes Center For The Arts Hoping For Final Funding Push

May 19, 2020

Credit 3 Lakes Center For The Arts

As the weather warms, supporters of the Raise the Roof campaign in Three Lakes hope work can move forward.

The building that houses the 3 Lakes Center For The Arts has undergone some work to stop a number of leaks caused by a failing roof. A drive named "Raise The Roof" is nearing its final stages says President Collette Sorgel . She says over the winter they updated the furnaces . Sorgel says the next phase is sealing the rivets on the Quonset hut and putting a water-proof layer over the top. After a few other tasks, then she says they need to fix the areas inside where water caused some damage.

She says they need a few more dollars...

"We're at 70 percent of our $225,000. A big portion will be due after the actual roof is sprayed on in May or June. That will be about $50,000 additional dollars that we need to finish that roof..."

The expected life of a Quonset hut roof is about 50 to 60 years, but this one has gone about a decade beyond that. Sorgel says they're watching to see what their season will be like this year because of COVID-19 concerns.

More information is at their website and Facebook pages.