Additional Septic Sites Possible At Torch Lake RV Camp

Apr 8, 2019

Vilas Co. courthouse
Credit Wikimedia Commons TheCatalyst31

Expansion of the Vilas County Torch Lake RV campground in the town of Conover will not need more area for septic disposal when 20 more sites are added in 2021 according to information by the county zoning office presented to the Forestry, Land & Recreation committee last Tuesday, but options for disposal were presented.

“After some research I've got good news,” deputy zoning administrator Dave Sadenwasser said. “The existing septic field for the initial 20 sites is large enough for future expansion to 40 sites. You can get imaginative how to get the waste there using gravity, pumping stations, or a combination. You will need to have state approval for pumping stations but gravity feed can be approved by our staff.”

After discussion, the committee agreed to have alternatives developed for septic service for 20 more sites and have local plumbers review them for comments and suggestions. Final expansion plans, including financing, would be developed next year for construction in 2021. A survey of site users was discussed last summer and committee member Holly Tomlanovch volunteered to do a mail survey this year, part of which would ask if users preferred full sanitary hookups.

Parks and Recreation administrator Dale Mayo felt that would answer if they plan for flush toilets rather than pit toilets. An incentive of three free nights during Colorama, Sept. 15 to Oct. 15, would be selected from those who returned the survey by July 31.