Administrator Guild Survives Second Suspension Vote

Sep 10, 2019

Credit Wikimedia Commons Royal Broil

Rhinelander's city administrator has survived another effort to suspend him.

Following a closed session Monday night, alderperson Dawn Rog made a motion to suspend Daniel Guild with pay.

Like a similar move in March, four council members supported the motion. Rog, George Kirby, Tom Kelly and Lee Emmer voted to back the motion to suspend Guild.

Steve Sauer, Andrew Larson, Ryan Rossing, and David Holt voted against, bringing a 4-4 tie.

At that point the mayor is asked to vote in case of a tie and Chris Frederickson voted against Rog's motion to suspend Guild, defeating the motion.

An attempt in March led to a similar vote. On the agenda, a review of Guild's job performance was done in closed session. The vote followed the end of the closed session.

By state statute, information about what was discussed in closed session cannot be released under penalty of law.