ArtStart School of the Arts: Public Reading

Oct 25, 2017

In early August, a group of writers got together in Rhinelander for a retreat as part of ArtStart’s School of the Arts Legacy Program, held in partnership with the Rhinelander District Library.

A highlight of the weekend was the public reading at ArtStart on Saturday, August 5th led by writer and teacher, B.J. Hollars.

Coming up now, we have an abridged version of the public reading featuring 6 of the 10 participants. You will hear stories from Bill Mathis, Lauretta Kaplan, Kris Adams Wendt, Barb Schmeling, Sue Roupp, and finally B.J. Hollars himself, who hosts the reading.

Since the Writer’s Retreat, ArtStart’s School of the Arts has also hosted a retreat called “The Art in Nature.”

More information about ArtStart’s School of the Arts program is available at