Aspirus, Ministry Fund Rhinelander Athletic Trainer

Aug 26, 2015

Members of Rhinelander School District, Ministry Health Care and Aspirus at Mike Webster Field Wednesday, August 16, 2015.
Credit WXPR

Rhinelander High School athletics will again have a funded position to help with athletic injuries.

Aspirus Clinic and Ministry Medical Group each have donated $15,000 to fund an athletic trainer to work with student-athletes.

Dr. Jason Lowry  has been advisor to Rhinelander athletics for several years. He says funding this type of position is a rarity among K-12 schools in Wisconsin, but the need is there...

"....the concussion issue is becoming a bigger and bigger part of this. Our adolescent athletes are the most at risk and their most at risk from second-impact syndrome. Getting multiple, sub-concussive hits over time...."

Superintendent Kelli Jacobi says this is the second year Asprius Clinic and Ministry Medical Group have funded the position. Jacobi says having a skilled trainer available will help  injured athletes...

".....they will be at our highest-contact events and practices so if there are student injuries, somebody is looking at them, assessing the severity and getting them the kind of support they need immediately...."

Dr. Lowry says this is a fundamental shift in how injuries are addressed. He says historically it's been a donated service, but with a paid position funded privately, it puts a trainer available during times when injuries might occur.