Aspirus To Offer Paramedic Ambulance Service in Ontanagon

Aug 14, 2014

Residents in Ontanagon County Michigan will soon have more access to medical transport.  Aspirus MedEvac is establishing a paramedic ambulance service near Ontanagon Hospital. 

Ontanagon County will soon have a more advanced ambulance service.

SONCO Ambulance will continue to serve the area. 

But as Aspirus EMS and MedEvac Operations Manager Robert Kirkley explains, the new paramedic services offer a higher level of care when the situation calls for it.

“Paramedic services are allowed to administer medications for someone that’s in pain from an orthopedic injury.  We can also treat and diagnose EKGs if someone is having a heart attack, we can give medications and make the person a little more comfortable.”

Paramedics can also protect patients’ airways if they’re having difficulty breathing.

As Kirkley explains, the service will primarily transport patients from Ontagagon to other area hospitals for specialty or trauma care. 

“Once a patient’s been stabilized in Ontagagon and needs definitive care to transfer them to the other facility.  We will be offering paramedic intercepts when SONCO personnel feel that is necessary, to get the patient to the hospital as well.”

Aspirus also offers helicopter transport from Ontanagon Hospital, though helicopters are not kept on site in the area. 

Aspirus MedEvac is building a garage near Ontanagon Hospital to store two ambulances. 

The new ambulance service will begin October 1st.