Bewley Blasts Action on GAB, Campaign Contributions

Nov 12, 2015

Senator Janet Bewley
Credit Bewley For Senate

A Northwoods Democrat is blasting an extraordinary session of the State Senate late last Friday that she says did little or nothing for the people of the north.

Democratic Senator Janet Bewley says legislation making it easier to bring more money into political campaigns does little to help most people..

"... What that does is put into play constant competition to raise more money, more money, more money...."

Republican Tom Tiffany said this week the limits were doubled for contributions, up to $2,000 in the Senate. He says it makes it easier for people to donate to a local candidate rather than a third party with unlimited funds capability.

Bewley also says the elimination of the Government Accountability Board was unnecessary. She says they've come to legislators asking for more money to fill staff positions and were rebuffed, and then had 31 changes in election laws to deal with...

"....thirty-one, and the GAB is the entity that reaches out to every town and county clerk when they need help. I would challenge us to find a clerk who would have a critique of the Government Accountability Board...."

She says the Board also was expected to stay ahead of additional recall elections and other reporting. While the new board has three partisan members from each major party, Bewley says a major danger is the Senate needs to confirm the candidates from the minority party and could drag its feet doing so, leaving one party to have a majority at decision time.

Bewley says all that activity happened late Friday after major layoffs were announced in Madison, Superior, Racine and Milwaukee. She says the legislature should be focused on jobs rather than partisan politics.