Boaters To See The "Landing Blitz" This Weekend

Jun 30, 2016

Anvil Lake boat landing in Vilas county

The July 4th holiday is traditionally one of the busiest boating times of the year. Lots of folks are going to be out trying to stop invasive species from going from one body of water to another.

This will be the DNR's 8th  annual invasive species landing blitz.

DNR aquatic invasive species communications specialist Tim Campbell says the effort focuses on reaching the largest number of boaters....

"...everyone has the ability to stop the spread of aquatic invasive species. It's pretty easy. Inspect boats, remove plants, drain the boat, don't move plants or animals from the water body, dispose of unwanted bait and and buy minnows from a Wisconsin bait dealer and never move live fish...."

Campbell says spreading invasives is preventable, but since the program inception most boaters are helping out...

"....we see self-reported compliance is up in the 90's(percent), so we know we're doing a good job getting the word out here in Wisconsin, but we do know some people still haven't gotten the message that's what we try to do(this) weekend is try to do is get to those people who still haven't received our message....."

Campbell says last year's landing blitz inspected more than 10,000 boats and contacts with more than 23,000 people during the three-day effort. Additionally, almost 3,500 hours were logged by volunteers and staff.

Campbell says anglers are advised that leftover minnows may only be used under certain conditions. You may take leftover minnows away from any state water and use them again on that same water. You may use leftover minnows on other waters only if no lake or river water or other fish were added to the container.