Boulder Junction Seeking Major Broadband Expansion Grant

Dec 31, 2019

Credit 377053

A spokesperson says the goal is to get high speed internet access to every person who wants it in the Town of Boulder Junction.

The town, along with CenturyLink, have filed a broadband expansion grant application with the state to fund expansion during 2020. Dennis Aukstik is chair of the town Economic Development/Connect Communities Committee.

The state has $24 million in grant money. Boulder Junction filed a two-year application..

"...We're seeking about $1.6 million from the State of Wisconsin in order to assist the town and CenturyLink in completing a project which we estimate will cost $3.6 million.."

Aukstik says the town and CenturyLink have committed to matching funds of about $2 million...

"...Year one of the project is proposed to bring fiber to about one-half of all the premises in Boulder Junction..."

Aukstik says right now most of the town is about 10 megabits or less and the goal would be to get one gigabit of speed. He says business development must have faster internet than currently provided.

Aukstik says more than 100 letters of support came from town residents, businesses and medical providers.

He says there's about $50 million worth of applications statewide for the $24 million that's available, so he doesn't know what the town's chances might be.