Broadband Towers Will Begin Service Soon

Dec 28, 2016


A tangible piece of Northwoods broadband expansion will be available in the Newbold area of Oneida county within a few weeks. Other locations will also soon have service.

Northwoods Connect based in Rhinelander is using recent state grants and other money to construct a 180 foot tower near Two Sisters Lake which company CEO Paul Osterman says will provide faster internet in areas with slower internet or none at all.

The signal should cover about five miles and is part of an expansion in the rural Northwoods...

"....we're building towers in the town of Crescent, Sugar Camp, Newbold, Harshaw. We're using existing towers in Sugar Camp and Three Lakes. They're all part of this state funded grant that the PSC puts out. Oneida county won a fairly large sized grant to do that...."

Osterman says the Newbold tower should be ready to go in a couple of weeks, then the broadband service will be launched from that tower. Osterman says the fastest service they offer is 25 megabits download and 5 upload, which costs the most, but there are other plans.

Osterman says not every customer is likely to get the service because of the trees and terrain in an area would block the signal from the tower, similar to the changeable reception you get on a cell phone.