City of Rhinelander Issues Running Water Notices

Feb 15, 2021


City of Rhinelander utility customers who experienced problems with water and sewer lines freezing should start running water at your property if you are approved to do so.

People on the list can run water 24 hours a day in stream that’s about the diameter of a pencil-lead. It should be coming from just one faucet. The City Utility will adjust billing usage accordingly.

Special cases of water only customers, or other special circumstances requiring greater flow rates, can also be approved and authorized the same as in the past.

The starting list of approved utility customers allowed use of this activity is posted at City Hall and is posted on the quick links section of the City website.

The running water list will be periodically amended with new locations when frost conditions in the City would require additions of other approved customers. The City of Rhinelander Utility Department will provide further instructions with an end date as frost levels subside and running water, along with the approved credit will then end.